In 1926, a group of chefs and musicians in Atlanta gathered in the tower of the Sears & Roebuck building in Atlanta, GA to put on a radio broadcast called Dinner Bell. They shared stories, played music, talked about farming, food and life, and brought in artists from all over the region. It lasted only two years.

In the spirit of reviving this union of food and music, Dinner Bell invites you to a unique dinner experience featuring acclaimed chefs and musicians throughout the southeast region and beyond. Each event is a different one curated to celebrate our community and benefit local charities.

Past Dinner Bells

Past Beneficiaries

Southern Restaurants for Racial Justice
A conglomerate of benefactors coming together to help Black-owned restaurants who are struggling in difficult times.

Seed Life Skills
Helping to empower students to become self-sufficient, resilient, and innovative stewards of local and global resources.

Georgia Organics
Supporting local organic farmers, educating the youth about healthy eating, and connecting organic Georgia food to Georgia families.

Terminus Modern Ballet
Training the next generation of dance talent by combining the rigor of ballet with the creative and intuitive movement techniques of contemporary dance.